Fujifilm X-pro2, Zhongyi Lens turbo II and the Lensbaby Twist review

zondag 26 juni 2016

Fujifilm X-pro2 and Lensbaby Twist portrait by Willie Kers - Natural light Photographer, The Netherlands

As I mentioned earlier in my previous blog post, I'm the proud owner of the Lensbaby Twist. It's by far one of my favorite Lensbabies. I'm a real Lensbaby freak since I have all of the optics they have ever made! The Twist has an amazing swirly bokeh like the Petzval does! But to get that amazing swirly bokeh, you've got to shoot on a Full Frame camera to get the most out of it. On a crop sensor like the Fuji X series, most of the swirl will not be visible because of the size of the sensor. But there's a solution: The Zhongyi Lens Turbo II or the Metabones Speedbooster!

Lensbaby twist review - Workshops photography by Willie Kers - the Netherlands

donderdag 16 juni 2016

Lensbaby Twist image by Dutch Photographer Willie Kers
Recently I'm the proud owner of the new Lensbaby Twist. I'm photographing with the lensbabies ever since they were invented and I must say that I am really in love with these small analog lenses. From all of the optics of Lensbaby, the Edge 80 is by far my favorite. I really love the tilt-shift effect of it and it captures an amazing flare! As a portrait photographer, this is one is always in my bag! At least, until now!

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